Portguese National Sentenced to 44 Months in Jail after $2.4 Million Worth of Unlicensed and Class C Drugs Seized by MHRA

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Mahomed Bacai, a Portuguese national living in the United Kingdom, was sentenced to 44 months in prison for running an illegal mail order drug business out of his home. The investigation conducted by the Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) resulted in the seizure of approximately £1.6 million worth of unlicensed, prescription-only-medicines and dangerous pharmaceuticals. Bacai pleaded guilty to five charges including possession of false identity documents, forgery, and conspiracy to supply: Class C drugs, prescription-only drugs and drugs not on the General Sales List.

Who: Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency (United Kingdom).

When: February 25, 2013; January 2011-June 2011.

Where: Addlestone, Surrey, UK.

How: Investigation and raid of Bacai’s home by MHRA agents

Additional details: Mr Bacai’s hired mailboxes using false documentation and fake names, which were then used to receive packages from suppliers in China and India. Once received, the drugs were repackaged at his home and then sold to customers all over the world. The drugs seized were valued at £1.5 million. Investigators found large amounts of counterfeit and unlicensed ED drugs, as well as the dangerous opiate Tramadol, the tranquilizer drug Diazepam, and vials of testosterone.

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" Man sentenced to 44 months imprisonment after £1.6 million worth of unlicensed and Class C medicines seized by MHRA," Press Release MHRA. February 25, 2013.


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