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UK House of Commons: No Deal Brexit Exposes U.K. to Both Counterfeit Medication and Medication Shortages

In a report published by the House of Commons, experts in the field of prescription medication described a dire situation for medicine safety in the United Kingdom (UK) if a “no-deal” departure from the European Union (EU) happens. The report noted, “Witnesses told us that, without provisions with the EU to continue to exchange data, the UK would be shut out of critical EU data exchanges on pharmacovigilance, falsified medicines and clinical trials.”


UK Study Finds Fake Online Pharmacies May Feed Antibiotic Resistance

A small-scale study in the United Kingdom has found that 75% of the assessed online pharmacies that offer drugs for sale in the UK are unregistered as legitimate pharmacies, and most offer antibiotics without a prescription. This finding could be a serious driver of microbial resistance. Obtaining Antibiotics Online from within the UK: a Cross-Sectional…


It’s Not Just the United States: Fake Diet Pills Are a Real Problem in the U.K.

The United Kingdom’s Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched an information and safety campaign concerning dangerous fake diet pills. The MHRA is asking U.K. residents to not take chances with lose-weight-fast promises with their “Dodgy Diet Pills” campaign, warning consumers that “fake or unlicensed medical products sold as slimming pills are untested,” and…


Royal Pharmaceutical Society and ITV’s Daybreak Find 99% of UK Pharmacists Think Patients Who Shop at Fake Online Pharmacies Are Endangering Themselves

Royal Pharmaceutical Society and UK morning show Daybreak surveyed 2,500 UK pharmacists on fake online pharmacies. Results show counterfeit drugs and fake online pharmacies are a growing threat to patients in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. A 2013 survey of pharmacists in the United Kingdom found that UK patients are exposing…


Raid on London Apartment Finds Three Quarters of a Million Dollars in Fake Drugs

When London police raided an apartment in west London last month, they were looking for visa cheats. What they found instead was over $750,000 worth of counterfeit medications stored in deplorable conditions.

A raid by Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers in West London that was aimed at catching people who had overstayed their visas instead found a vast quantity of unlicensed prescription medications, reports the MHRA. Investigators from the MHRA believe the drugs, which were mostly ED, weight loss, and hair loss treatments, were manufactured in India. Anabolic steroids were also found in the raid.


London Raid Finds $750K in Misbranded Drugs

View larger map A police raid in West London netted over $750,000 worth of misbranded and unlicensed prescription drugs. Investigators from the MHRA believe the stash were manufactured in India, and were packaged and stored in unsanitary conditions in the London flat. About 150,000 pills were seized. Most of the misbranded drugs were drugs for…

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