Raid on London Apartment Finds Three Quarters of a Million Dollars in Fake Drugs

When London police raided an apartment in west London last month, they were looking for visa cheats. What they found instead was over $750,000 worth of counterfeit medications stored in deplorable conditions.

A raid by Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers in West London that was aimed at catching people who had overstayed their visas instead found a vast quantity of unlicensed prescription medications, reports the MHRA. Investigators from the MHRA believe the drugs, which were mostly ED, weight loss, and hair loss treatments, were manufactured in India. Anabolic steroids were also found in the raid.


London Raid Finds $750K in Misbranded Drugs

View larger map A police raid in West London netted over $750,000 worth of misbranded and unlicensed prescription drugs. Investigators from the MHRA believe the stash were manufactured in India, and were packaged and stored in unsanitary conditions in the London flat. About 150,000 pills were seized. Most of the misbranded drugs were drugs for…


British Fake Pharmacy Actually Selling Counterfeit Drugs From Pakistan: Four Sentenced

4 Wales residents were sentenced in a counterfeit drugs case spanning Europe. The four accepted delivery of counterfeit & illicit drugs from Pakistan, which they then repackaged and shipped to online customers in the European Union.

On March 27, 2013, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom announced the sentences of 4 defendants in a counterfeit drug operation spanning from Wales to Pakistan.


4 Welsh Residents Sentenced in UK Counterfeit Drugs Case

View larger map In the United Kingdom, three men and one woman in southeastern Wales have been sentenced in a counterfeit drugs case involving a fake online pharmacy based in Pakistan. Andrew Luxton was sentenced to one year in jail. Samantha Steed was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for 18 months. Carl Willis…


Portguese National Sentenced to 44 Months in Jail after $2.4 Million Worth of Unlicensed and Class C Drugs Seized by MHRA

View larger map Mahomed Bacai, a Portuguese national living in the United Kingdom, was sentenced to 44 months in prison for running an illegal mail order drug business out of his home. The investigation conducted by the Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) resulted in the seizure of approximately £1.6 million worth of unlicensed, prescription-only-medicines and…


Master Counterfeiter: Ran Global Drug Counterfeiting Business – Sentenced to 6.5 Years

Kevin Xu a citizen of the Peoples Republic of China was sentenced to seventy-eight months imprisonment for distributing counterfeit and misbranded drugs in the United States, on January 1th, 2009.

Xu was sentenced after being found guilty in a jury trial that took place in August 2008. Xu was indicted in 2007, as the result of an undercover investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the US Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigation (FDA).

Xu described to undercover agents his ability to manufacture all manner of brand name prescription drugs, and included a list of 25 different prescription drugs he could produce, including Plavix (used for treating blood clots), Casodex (for the treatment of prostate cancer), and Tamiflu (used for the treatment of influenza) along with several other life-saving drugs.

Xu had been conducting his business throughout Europe, but the investigation that resulted in his arrest only began once he attempted to break into the United States pharmaceuticals market. The US investigation into Xu’s activities uncovered the startling volume of business that he was conducting in the United Kingdom. As a result of this discovery, massive drug recalls were declared by the UK’s Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and a counterfeit drug distribution ring based in the United Kingdom was apprehended.

MHRA Director of Inspection, Enforcement and Standards, Gerald Heddell, as well as FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, and OCI Director John Roth are all speaking at the 2012 Interchange on September 28, 2012.  

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UK Medicine Counterfeiter Made £15 Million Selling Fake Drugs to Victims

The United Kingdom’s Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) confiscated £14.4 million in assets from a convicted counterfeit medicine dealer. Simon Martin Hickman, 52, from Manchester, was sentenced to two years imprisonment in June 2009 following a conviction of selling and supplying fake and unlicensed medicines, as well as money laundering £1.4 million, announced…


MHRA Seizes £14 Million in Assets from Convicted UK Drug Counterfeiter

The United Kingdom’s Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has seized £14.4 million in assets from convicted counterfeit medicine dealer, Simon Martin Hickman. Hickman was sentenced to two years imprisonment in June 2009 following his conviction for both selling and supplying fake and unlicensed drugs,and money laundering. After an investigation of his assets, the…


Counterfeit HIV Medication Discovered in UK Supply Chain

United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) admitted that counterfeit versions of two HIV medication have been found in the UK market. Truvada, emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, is a combination HIV therapy. Orifarm, a Danish supplier of parallel-imported and generic pharmaceuticals acknowledged that their supply of Truvada had been compromised by “the…