MHRA Seizes £14 Million in Assets from Convicted UK Drug Counterfeiter

The United Kingdom’s Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has seized £14.4 million in assets from convicted counterfeit medicine dealer, Simon Martin Hickman. Hickman was sentenced to two years imprisonment in June 2009 following his conviction for both selling and supplying fake and unlicensed drugs,and money laundering. After an investigation of his assets, the MHRA was able to track down Hickman’s hidden funds.

Who: Medicine & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (UK), North West Regional Asset Recovery Team (UK).

When: April 27, 2012; 2006-2009.

Where: London, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, United Kingdom.

How: Joint investigation by the MHRA and the North West Regional Asset Recovery Team.

Additional details:Hickman was jailed an additional 22 months in addition to his initial conviction for attempting to illegally obtain a passport and for selling property without court approval.

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