London Raid Finds $750K in Misbranded Drugs

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A police raid in West London netted over $750,000 worth of misbranded and unlicensed prescription drugs. Investigators from the MHRA believe the stash were manufactured in India, and were packaged and stored in unsanitary conditions in the London flat. About 150,000 pills were seized. Most of the misbranded drugs were drugs for ED, weight loss and hair loss, but steroids were also seized.

Who: Home Office Immigration Enforcement(UK), MHRA.

When: April 23. 2013.

Where: London, United Kingdom

How: Raid by Home Office Immigration Enforcement.

Additional details: The London flat was originally raided due to the fact that several of the people staying there had overstayed their visas. Investigators in the case spoke of the filthy conditions under which drugs were packaged and stored.

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Press Release: Over £500,000 of unlicensed sex, diet and hair loss drugs seized in a west London raid,” MHRA Press Release. April 23, 2013.