4 Welsh Residents Sentenced in UK Counterfeit Drugs Case

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In the United Kingdom, three men and one woman in southeastern Wales have been sentenced in a counterfeit drugs case involving a fake online pharmacy based in Pakistan. Andrew Luxton was sentenced to one year in jail. Samantha Steed was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for 18 months. Carl Willis was sentenced to 6 months in jail suspended for 18 months. Anthony Luxton was given probation. The four acted as middlemen, accepting delivery of counterfeit drug shipments from Pakistan, which they then repackaged and mailed to customers of the fake online pharmacy.

Who: MHRA.

When: March 27. 2013.

Where: Gwent South Wales, United Kingdom

How: Undercover investigation by MHRA.

Additional details: When a search was conducted of the accused’s homes, counterfeit medication and generic prescription only medicine stockpiles were found. They included Viagra, Cialis, diazepam and methadone. Analysis of computer files uncovered email exchanges between Andrew Luxton, Samantha Steed, Carl Willis and that indicated previous illicit drug transactions by the foursome.

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