In recent weeks, we've heard about a faked FEMA news conference and
planted questions on the presidential campaign trail, but a report
out of China about a fake government website takes the cake.

A story from Reuters earlier this month reports that sellers of
counterfeit drugs have gone as far as setting up a fake website that
pretends to be China's State Food and Drug Administration website.

The site, which is accessed through another fake website pretending
to be a research institute, looks very similar to the official
government website and promotes a diabetes medication that doesn't
even exist. The site's purpose is to give the impression that the
drug is an approved medicine.

The anonymity of the Internet allows sellers of counterfeit drugs to
cloak themselves as legitimate-even as a government agency-to
unsuspecting patients.

These clever web designers show we need to be even more vigilant
against online pushers of their fake, harmful products.

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