January 23, 2023: Fake pharmacy operator gets 7 years and a $100,000 fine

A smashed box of pills with a blister pack. it's labeled Top Dol,” an Indian formulation of the Schedule IV opioid, tramadol.

Updates to cases involving a fake pharmacy that imported and sold controlled medicines to U.S. patients, a man who sold used and counterfeit cosmetic surgery devices, and a couple that sold unapproved substances as smart drugs. Additional news involving counterfeit pills made of fentanyl in 17 states.


DEA’s 2021 Fentanyl Profiling Program Report

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration released its 2021 Fentanyl Profiling Program report examining trends in how and where the drug is being found. Here are some facts from the report about how fentanyl is being found in counterfeit pills.