January 21, 2024: U.S. Adderall shortages continue to fuel a black market in fake pills

A seizure photo with guns stacked on bags of orange pills. A plastic ACE hardware branded bucket is in the left backgound

Tests of the counterfeits showed that they were made of many substances, including ​​acetaminophen, duloxetine, caffeine and methamphetamine. Overseas, authorities seized counterfeit pregabalin in Belfast. Pakistan recalled toxic cough syrup. Fake Xanax trafficker Ryan Farace got an additional sentence for money laundering. News about pill presses in five states.


January 8, 2024: DHS reports a surge in pill press seizures

Picture of a large pill press on a blue tarp. A caption reads "A commercial pill press capable of churning out 17,000 fentanyl pills an hour."

Homeland Security seized over 1,800 pill presses in October and November 2023. The FDA warned Amazon not to sell supplements made with undeclared pharmaceuticals and issued another warning about toxic yellow oleander. More domestic and international news about counterfeit medicine.