Protecting Yourself & Your Family Partnership for Safe Medicines

Protecting Yourself & Your Family

Patients and providers need to be on alert and aware of the real risks associated with online pharmacies and counterfeit medicines. Learn about counterfeit medicines in order to avoid, detect, and report them. You can minimize your risk of getting a counterfeit medicine, and you can also fight back by reporting these cases to the FDA, Health Canada, and other agencies fighting counterfeits.


The S.A.F.E.D.R.U.G. checklist [PDF] is an all-in-one educational tool
from the Partnership for Safe Medicines that gives concrete ways to
avoid, detect, and report counterfeit medicines. Feel free to print or
distribute it.

Educational Guides

U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The U.S. FDA has many materials available on avoiding, detecting, and reporting counterfeit medicines. Top resources include: Q&A about counterfeits, consumer
education materials, medicines not to purchase over the internet, updates on blitz examinations, pictures of real vs. counterfeit medicines, and much more.
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National Consumers League. The NCL publishes a consumer-friendly guide to spotting and reporting counterfeits at NCL Logo