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PSM Went to Congress to Share Our Concerns About The Threat of Counterfeit Medicine

On Thursday, January 31, 2018, the Partnership for Safe Medicines held two briefings in Washington, D.C. to inform members of Congress and their staff about the dangers posed to Americans by counterfeit medicines. The events each had three panels and looked at how fake medicines have affected individuals and law enforcement, and also at the roles played by international bad actors and drug cartels…


Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Updates His 2017 Report on the Threat of Congressional Drug Importation Proposals

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has released an addendum to his 2017 Report on the Potential Impact of Drug Importation Proposals on U.S. Law Enforcement, concluding:

…the government has not done enough to evaluate and improve the capacity of law enforcement to deal with a new pipeline of drugs into the U.S. drug supply, all while . . . more illegal drugs are being shipped to the United States. Passing any drug importation scheme would erase the little progress we have made and set law enforcement further back on their heels.


Counterfeit Medicine Purchased Online Permanently Alters Man’s Vision

A new study was just released that documented that permanent damage done to a 31-year-old man after he ingested a counterfeit medicine he purchased online. Even after more than a year since this happened to him, the structural changes to the man’s eyes mean that he sees everything with a red tint…


More Warning Letters Sent By FDA to Websites Selling Illicit Opioids Online

For the second time since May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced issuing warning letters to online network operations that were marketing illicit opioids to American citizens. In this most recent group, four companies operating a total of 21 websites were told they needed stop selling those pills. The number of websites to receive warnings this summer is over 70…


Drug Importation is Fraught with Peril

As a licensed pharmacist, I’m all too familiar with patients’ difficulties getting medications they need and their physician has prescribed. As baby boomers age, pharmacists see more patients at our counters unable to obtain needed treatments for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. This issue is now being acknowledged and a healthy debate has begun over possible solutions. But one idea policymakers shouldn’t pursue is opening up our country’s secure drug supply to medicines coming from outside our borders.


Canadian Company That Operated 241 Online Pharmacy Websites Fined In Federal Court

McCall Test Results - Partnership for Safe Medicines

Quantum Solutions was sentenced for illegally importing wholesale quantities of misbranded prescription drugs into the U.S. and selling them to pharmacies. They ran 241 “Canadian pharmacy” websites, including Canada Drugs Center which Professor Kenneth McCall ordered three prescriptions from so that he could test what was in the pills. Two did not have enough active ingredient and one contained an unknown contaminant…