Spotlight on KnujOn: Combating Counterfeits Online – Conclusion

This is concludes our interview with Garth Bruen, co-founder of KnujOn, an internet compliance company, on the subjects of counterfeit drugs sold online, search engine advertising what’s needed from regulators to protect Web users.

PSM: FDA is preparing to receive public remarks regarding the online promotion of medical products and adverse event reporting. What recommendations will you/have you given?

GB: We’ve had many good discussions with the FDA and we are always ready to provide advice and support. The most critical item at present is the lack of enforcement. For 10 years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been the focus of enforcement expectations, but they have taken minimal steps to hold their contracted parties (registrars) accountable.

ICANN is unwilling to tackle the problem of internet drug trafficking even when the specific issues are within their mandate to enforce. This is why we have told law enforcement and regulatory agencies that if an internet company is in the United States, dealing with ICANN is unnecessary and prolongs the problem. If someone is facilitating illegal drug sales, as some registrars are, that person should be treated no differently than someone selling drugs on a street corner.

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