A drug bust in a Massachusetts city has lead to the arrest of more than a dozen people, including one who is being charged with the distribution of counterfeit drugs.

The city of Taunton, Massachusetts, a community about 40 miles south of Boston, began a major drug sweep this week, targeting crack cocaine and heroin dealers and those who buy the drug, according to the Taunton Daily Gazette.

David A. Procopio, Massachusetts State Police director of communications, said the sweep, which involved a number of law enforcement agencies, was the result of five months of undercover work by both the Taunton and state police forces.

“It’s the biggest one we’ve done so far,” District Attorney spokesman Gregg Miliote told the news source. He added that “it’s absolutely Taunton-based.”

In addition to the arrests of traditional drug dealers, the sweep brought in a 17-year-old who is being charged with the crime of distributing counterfeit drugs.

Darius Jones was also charged with assault and battery. He is currently being held without bail in an area house of corrections.