Video: Fake Cough Syrup Ring in Texas

Cover of video: Fake Cough Syrup Ring in Texas

Is there money in counterfeit cough syrup? There really is—but you can never tell what’s in fake medicine and sometimes it will kill you. Watch this week’s video to learn about a recently busted cough syrup ring in Texas.


Video: Feds Jail New York Money Launderers

When you buy prescription medicine online from an unlicensed pharmacy, your credit card charges can’t be legally processed by legitimate banks. Drug sellers turn to criminals to launder their payments. That’s how these New Yorkers just got a combined 104 months in prison for bank and wire fraud.


Hundreds of Recalls: Methanol-Contaminated Hand Sanitizer

When the first FDA alerts warning of methanol-contaminated hand sanitizers brands emerged, we reported them through our FDA alert system. Within weeks however, this trickle of hand sanitizer recalls turned into a flood. Learn more here.