An Indian pharmaceutical association has established a task force to regulate the sale of medication.

In response to the bust of a major racket involving the sale of expired medication and counterfeit drugs, the Tamil Nadu Pharmaceutical Distributors Association (TNPDA) is planning on creating a task force that would help gather intelligence about fake drug distributors, according to the Times of India.

In March, officials from India’s drug control department busted a counterfeit drug operation. Following the successful operation, which saw a number of the crime figures put in jail, chief minister M Karunanidhi urged health and law enforcement figures to team up to fight the counterfeit drugs.

“None of the members of our association [were] involved in the racket. But we want to keep a check. Due to the fault of some, many good persons are forced to leave the industry. We do not want this to continue,” Suresh Ranka, a TNPDA member, told the news source.

A TNPDA official told the news source that the task force would mostly be comprised from members of the association. “We are planning to have two members in each district who will monitor the medicine sales and distribution there,” he said.