Tech Company To Give Drug Makers Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

A technology company has entered an agreement with a number of pharmaceutical companies in India to supply them with an anti-counterfeiting technology.

By using nanotechnology the company says it can track medications through the supply chain and thus may prevent counterfeit drugs from entering it. Specifically, the technology puts unique “fingerprints” on products that can be used to follow them.

The technology has already been used in a number of industries, according to the company’s founder.

“We are working to implement this technology for Delhi Police Force,” he said at a function. “It is also being deployed in leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies in India. Internationally, this technology has been accepted by a leading wine producer in USA as well as by the Presidential security force of an Asian country.”

Protecting consumers from counterfeit drugs is vital, as the consequences of taking such medications can be devastating. In 2008, 84 Nigerian babies were killed when they were given a teething medicine that contained an ingredient typically found in antifreeze, according to CNN.