£1 Million of Fake Drugs Seized at Heathrow over the Summer

Over the last three months nearly £4 million in fake goods were confiscated at London’s Heathrow Airport, including £1 million worth of fake erectile dysfunction drugs.

According to the BBC, those figures indicate that the amount of fake goods seized by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) has more than doubled since last year. Last year the value of the products confiscated at the west London airport was only £1.7 million.

“Smugglers are only out to make a profit, “Brodie Clarke, head of the UKBA, told the news source. “The goods are often dangerous and the proceeds can be used to fuel serious organized crime.”

The UKBA said that the fake erectile dysfunction drugs were intended for the black market and that they contain “potentially harmful chemicals, which are likely to have the desired effect.”

Assistant director Grant Miller, from the UKBA at Heathrow, said that the trade of counterfeit goods needs to come to an end “to protect the public purse and protect consumers from potentially dangerous goods.”