Drug Theft Murder Suspect Fled – $11,000 Reward Offered

An $11,000 reward has been offered to help find the second suspect in a robbery and shooting that took place at a California pharmacy.

Recently two men entered a Rexall pharmacy in North Highlands, California, and demanded the painkiller OxyContin at gunpoint, according to the Sacramento Bee. During the ensuing shootout between a pharmacy employee and the robbers, a clerk was fatally shot.

One of the suspects is currently in police custody, but the other remains at large. To help bring the other suspect in, RxPATROL has offered $10,000 to supplement the $1,000 reward being offered by Sacramento Crime Alert.

The theft of pharmaceuticals presents a number of potential dangers to consumers. Not only can the medications be diluted by criminals, but they are often times not stored and handled properly, which can affect the quality of the medication.

Another Rexall employee, a 37-year-old pregnant woman, was shot in the foot during the robbery.