Fake Drugs in Kenya Reduced ‘Significantly’

Pharmacists in the African nation of Kenya say that their nation struggles with counterfeit drugs because of the large number of medications that are registered in the country.

There are more than 11,000 pharmaceutical products registered in Kenya, which is one of the highest totals in Africa, according to the Daily Nation.

Kenyan pharmacists point out that this high number can make it easy for unscrupulous individuals to sneak counterfeit drugs into the supply chain.

Despite the issues posed by the high number of registered medicines, Chief Government Pharmacist Kipkerich Koskei said that a number of initiatives have reduced the number of counterfeit drugs in the country. In addition, Koskei said that efforts with neighboring nations has reduced the scourge of fake medicines.

Kenya was a part of the recent pan-African counterfeit drug bust that netted nine tons of phony medication.

“Working closely with the police, CID and Interpol in these countries, we have been able to reduce significantly the prevalence of fake drugs,” Koskei told the news source.