Florida Police Investigate Theft of Pharmaceuticals

A Florida sheriff’s department is currently investigating a theft of pharmaceuticals that took place recently.

SNN Local News 6 reported that the owner of the Medical Arts Pharmacy on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota County returned one morning and found the front door of his establishment smashed.

Local police told the news provider that it was discovered that the perpetrator took a number of different pharmaceuticals from the premises. Specifically, erectile dysfunction drugs and pain medication were stolen from the pharmacy.

An examination of the store’s video surveillance tapes revealed that the suspect is in his 20s or 30s, police officials told the news provider.

The theft of pharmaceuticals presents a range of potential dangers. Many times the pilfered pills are cut with substances to increase the amount of tablets that can be resold. This tampering can have a number of consequences such as the medicine becoming ineffective or even making it toxic. Even if thieves do not tamper with the drugs it is rare that they will store or handle them properly. Such improper handling of drugs can decrease their efficacy, causing harm to the people who were relying on the medication.