Counterfeit Drug Criminals Involve Innocent Neighbor

A UK grandmother got quite a surprise when a team of policeman raided her home expecting to find counterfeit drugs.

Police entered Margaret Waite’s Lockeridge home hoping to find criminals, and instead found a 69-year-old that pointed out that while they were on the right street, they were in the wrong house, according to Gazette and Herald.

The police had a warrant for Waite’s address because drugs that may have been counterfeit drugs were delivered there, even though they were addressed to her neighbor. Waite would take the packages from the postman and place them on her neighbor’s porch, the news source reports.

“I did have a few parcels come here some months ago with my address but for the man next door so as soon as I was handed them by the postman I would go and put them in his porch. I did not even notice where they had been sent from,” Waite said.

After realizing their mistake, police went next door and found the man they were looking for, along with 10,000 doses of counterfeit drugs.

Waite said that the police apologized for their actions.