International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Publishes White Paper on Supply Chain Security

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering recently put out a White Paper that suggests ways to increase supply chain security.

The ISPE White Paper states that its purpose is to present “how an integrated approach can facilitate supply chain security by suggesting ways of augmenting the pharmaceutical quality system to prevent and detect adulteration, counterfeiting, illegal diversion, and theft.”

The approach emphasized in the whitepaper involves boosting quality systems, monitoring the operating environment and improving risk management. The paper addresses four major areas of improvement, supply chain security, supplier quality management, logistics and transportation service providers, and transport and control of materials.

The ISPE says that preventing pharmaceutical thefts involves the formation of programs dedicated to cargo security and for groups both inside and outside of the pharmaceutical company to be involved in a integrated manner.

In addition, the paper addresses specific programs for anti-counterfeiting, illegal diversion and cargo theft prevention. To download and read the full paper in pdf format entitled, “Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive and Practical Approach,” click here.