Israeli Authorities Catch Smuggler with 5,000 Counterfeit Pills

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Israeli authorities caught a man trying to smuggle more than 5,000 fake prescription pills through the Ben Gurion International Airport, after seeing the drugs in the x-ray scanner.

Who: Ben Gurion International Airport Authorities

When: October 20, 2010

Where: Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel

How: Smuggled on his person through airport security.

Additional details: Chen Ben-Zion was arrested Tuesday evening after landing from Georgia. Airport authorities took him aside for a special security check. Although authorities told him that he would be undergoing an intensive x-ray check, he did not disclose that he was in possession of the counterfeit pills. he suspect told investigators that he had brought 5,500 Valerian pills, 100 Nutropin tablets and 20 bottles stuffed with other “prescription” drugs for personal use.

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