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2010 Incidents

Israeli Authorities Catch Smuggler with 5,000 Counterfeit Pills

View larger map Israeli authorities caught a man trying to smuggle more than 5,000 fake prescription pills through the Ben Gurion International Airport, after seeing the drugs in the x-ray scanner. Who: Ben Gurion International Airport Authorities When: October 20, 2010 Where: Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel How: Smuggled on his person through airport security.…


Counterfeit Medicine Found in German Pharmacies

View larger map Dozens of German pharmacies in the north of the country are under investigation for suspected distribution of counterfeit medication. Pharmacists from Brauschweig, Hamburg, Celle, Verden and Kiel are being investigated. Who: German officials When: August 12, 2010 Where: Brauschweig, Hamburg, Celle, Verden and Kiel How: Counterfeit drugs are suspected of being available…


Philadelphia Resident Admits Selling Over-The-Counter Counterfeit Drugs Containing Carcinogenic Solvents

View larger map A Philadelphia resident pleaded guilty to an 18 count indictment for the illegal importation and distribution of four million fake diet pills that contained unapproved drugs and carcinogens.  The pills "caused significant side effects in some individuals, including nausea, vomiting, elevated blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes." Who: Food and Drug Administration…


$12M in Counterfeit Drugs Seized in Southeast Asia

View larger map An international police operation led to the seizure of $20M in counterfeit and illegal medicines, including antibiotics, anitimalarials, contraceptives, anti-tetanus vaccines, aspirin and drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. An estimated $12M were counterfeits with the remaining $8M found to be drugs that were “expired, diverted or unregistered.” Who: Medical Products Counterfeiting and…

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