On March 4, 2011, a one-day forum on pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting measures will be held in Mumbai at the Lalit Hotel.

Sponsored by FDASmart, a company that trains pharmaceutical manufacturers in regulation and research studies, representatives of various companies that provide anti-counterfeiting solutions for medicine as well as regulatory agents and medicine manufactures will present their concerns and solutions in half hour intervals throughout the day.

Included in the roster of speakers is Mr. Ram Banarse, Asst Commissioner – FDA-Maharashtra, who will discuss how interdiction of counterfeits and preventing their entry into the market are being managed by the FDA-Maharashtra. He will also discuss the FDA’s consumer awareness program and stress better coordination of stakeholders in the battle against counterfeits.

Representatives of several anti-counterfeiting initiatives will speak including Alden Zecha the CFO of Sproxil, a text-messaging based authentication system that has been used by NAFDAC in Nigeria, Rajeev Tembee of ACG Associate Capusles which prints unique numbers on packages and capsules, Jean-Michel Cambia of Cognex and Joseph Ringwood of Systech International, both representing companies that develop systemic camera systems for manufacturing supervision. Additionally, Daryll Mascarenhas of GSK will speak on the development of serializations in Indian pharmaceutical products.

There will also be a session on the legal aspects of anti-counterfeiting measures in India, as well as session on corporate social responsibility and one on smart-connectivity.