Police raided a Northamptom, UK house in April 9 and uncovered more than 8,000 tablets fake pills suspected by police of having been imported from outside the country.

Northampton prosecutors have charged Victor Cheke, 41, with importing a prescription drug for sale without authority, reports The Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

At the arraignment, the court heard allegations from prosecutors that Cheke was discovered with the fake ED tablets containing sildenafil in his home in Leyside Court, Overstone Lodge, Northampton in addition to counterfeit clothing, also suspected of being imported.

Prosecutor, Catherine Rabiotti, said that ED medication should only be prescribed by those medically qualified because it could cause dangerous side effects in those with heart, kidney or liver issues.

She said: “There is a risk to the public of prescription only medicines being sold in this way. We believe the defendant was running a business trading in counterfeit medicines and goods.”

Cheke is charged with nine offenses including three counts of importing a medicinal product without a license, one count of possessing a medicinal product for supply without authority and five charges of possessing goods with a false trade mark for sale.

By S. Imber