NABP Issues Rogue Online Pharmacy Public Health Alert


New Report Shows 85% of Fake Online Drug Outlets Don’t Require
Valid Prescription, Fuel Prescription Drug Abuse

PSM partner the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), released its latest report on Internet drug outlets and issued a public health alert to warn Americans about the serious dangers associated with medicines purchased through fake online pharmacies. Their latest report and their decision to issue a rare public health alert drive home the reality that fake online pharmacies pose very serious threat to the health and safety of Americans.

Particularly concerning is that fake online pharmacies provide a channel through which criminals sell counterfeit and tainted products and threaten the safety of our drug supply and the well being of people who rely on medicines for their health. As you know, fortunately, the U.S. has strong laws and agencies that protect the safety of our medicines, ensuring that the American drug supply is among the safest in the world.

Policy makers must be aware of the very real threats posed by fake online pharmacies and counterfeiters operating largely outside our country so that the efforts to combat counterfeit and unsafe medicines globally are coordinated, and that policies do not jeopardize our domestic, safe drug supply. The closed drug system in the United States is critical to maintaining the highest quality medicines to all Americans.

The key findings of the report are available at the NABP’s website.