Martin Van Trieste
Interviewed by Gary Ritchie of IFPAC in January 2011

Martin Van Trieste, Chairman of Rx-360, will moderate the Combating Drug Counterfeiting and Sales Panel at the 2011 Partnership for Safe Medicines Interchange on October 27, at the National Press Club.

Van Trieste is Chairman of the not-for-profit consortium of volunteers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries called Rx-360. The goal of Rx-360 is to enhance the security of the medicine and pharmaceutical supply chain and assure the quality and authenticity of products in the supply chain.

Rx-360’s mission is to create and monitor a global quality system that assures patient safety by guaranteeing product quality and authenticity from manufacturer to consumer.

Hear more about how agencies and industry fight medicine counterfeiting and sales at the 2011 Interchange on October 27 at the National Press Club.

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