Counterfeit Medicine Captured by Police in Virginia Stores

Fairfax County Virginia police seized thousands of doses of prescription medication from stores throughout the county in early December 2011.

Stores primarily catering to the Latino population were found in possession of illegal painkillers, birth control pills, antibiotics and other medications allegedly counterfeit according to police authorities, reported the Fairfax Times. Medications were sold by the dose for up to $25 per dose. Warrants were served at 13 Fairfax County stores. A complete list of stores received warrants is available here.

Based upon reports from the Latino community that counterfeit drugs were being sold over the past several years, police began an investigation over the summer to investigate allegations. One woman told police she had become very ill and received hospital treatment after taking medication purchased at a local market.

“Some of the people who came forward asking for help from us were very hesitant to do so. They were non-English speaking immigrants who came from countries where they’d had negative experiences with law enforcement, so it was a tough thing for them to do,” said John Piper, commander of the Fairfax County Police Criminal Intelligence Division. “Most likely, there are many others who’ve become ill from these smuggled drugs that we will never know about.”

The investigation is still underway. No suspects have been arrested, and no determinations made.