Have you seized a fake pharmacy website from a criminal?

Turn it into a Public Service Announcement

Are you a law enforcement agency taking down a fake online pharmacy website?  Don’t take that Takedown_page website offline!  It gets lots of traffic from all over the web and unwitting consumers will continue to find it for years to come.

Instead host our Counterfeit Drugs Public Service Announcement.  It contains:

  • information about the dangers of counterfeits based upon previous incidents,
  • a video from a counterfeit victim talking about the dangers,
  • handouts and factsheets about where you can get more information about purchasing safely, and
  • your agency’s logo on the right.

As an added bonus, you can pull visitor numbers for the taken-down website and report them as a cost-free public service information program.   Using Google Analytics, you’ll be able to break down visitor counts by country, region, and even city.  When you seize a fake online pharmacy domain name that’s been used in commerce, you seize a valuable property.  Take that tool out of the hands of criminals and use it to inform the public about the danger.

You can click on the image on this page to see a sample of the takedown page we can provide you.  You can also watch the video below.

To get this takedown page for your law enforcement agency, contact us at info@safemedicines.org or call us at 703-679-SAFE (703-679-7233).