May 1.2012

(See the Urban Dictionary definition of “pwned“)

Websites corrupted by online pharmacies this week:
April 29, 2012

Every week we receive a list of websites that have been hacked by online pharmacies, and are now unwitting advertisers for counterfeit drugs. The technique they use involves breaking the security on the website and then corrupting the forum software to redirect your web browser to their fake online pharmacy.

This is a reminder of the fact that when you do business with an uncertified online pharmacy, you’re doing business with someone whose marketing programs involves breaking into other people’s computers. Is this who you should trust to safely source the medicine you’re going to put inside your body?

Congratulations, All Miami Real Estate, Arizona State University, The American Wallyball Association, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Wilkes University! You’re this week’s unwitting hosts to spammers for uncertified online pharmacies.