3rd Instance of Counterfeit Cancer Treatment Found in United States

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A third instance of a counterfeit version of the cancer therapy drug Avastin, labeled Altuzan (as it is labeled in Turkey) has been found in the United States, announced the FDA. The FDA has conducted tests on samples of the drug and found them to be counterfeit. Medical practices obtained the counterfeit Altuzan through sources in the United States. The FDA alert warns health care professionals that an unapproved cancer medicine distributed by a U.S. company, Medical Device King (also known as Pharmalogical), is counterfeit.

Who: FDA Office of Drug Safety and Availability.

When: February 5, 2013.

Where: Great Neck, New York, United States.

How: Verification testing done by FDA

Additional details: This is the third known incident of counterfeit versions of the cancer treatment drug Avastin/Altuzan (Bevacizumab) appearing in the US drug supply chain in the last 12 months.

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