Partnership for Safe Medicines India brings together pharmaceutical, patient safety, and government enforcement organizations for their training workshop focused on protecting patients from false or spurious medicines.

Bejon Misra, founder of the Partnership for Safe Medicines India will be our luncheon speaker at the 2013 Interchange October 24th in Washington D.C. Register today!

On August 23rd 2013, the Partnership for Safe Medicines India held a conference and training session in Bangalore, India. Titled “Secured Medicines & Robust Pharmacovigilance – Key to Patient Safety & Health”, it gathered professionals for training session on the dangers posed by spurious medication.

The full-day workshop was attended by three Ministers from the government of Karnataka, Principal Secretary Health of Karnataka, Drug Controller General of India, Drug Controller of Karnataka, leading consumer organizations of Southern India, Medical Professionals, Pharmacists and several leading experts concerned with pharmaceutical safety. PSM India sees professional training as path to patient safety in India.

One of the initiatives announced at the workshop was the addition of 60 new drug monitoring centers, bringing the total up to 150, reports the The goal of these centers is to monitor and study adverse reactions to drugs and prevent distribution of medicines that have no active ingredient.

In describing the goals of these drug monitoring centers, Partnership for Safe Medicines India founder Bejon Misra said, “We have evaluated the programme launched in 2010 to protect patients from spurious medicines and identified challenges in ensuring a secured drug distribution system across the country.”

By S. Imber