2013 Interchange will feature new research from Carl L. Alsberg Fellow, Tim K. Mackey, and in-progress research from PSM Board member Marv Shepherd.

As part of the Partnership for Safe Medicines continuing effort to inform the both the public and medical professionals about the dangers of counterfeit medication, we’re presenting two new research studies on how gaps in the supply chain endanger consumers at the 2013 Interchange in Washington D.C.


The 2013 Interchange is October 24th, just 2 weeks away! Register today to hear new research from the Partnership for Safe Medicines, including:



Marv Shepherd, PhD, Director, Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies, College of Pharmacy, University of Texas will share with us his active research: Grey Market Vendor Activities and Drug Shortages in Texas Acute Care Hospitals. Grey market medication purchases have been associated with hoarding, price gouging and safety issues. Dr. Shepherd examines hospital drug purchasing habits and discusses those hospitals who purchase medication from the grey market.

Tim K. Mackey, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of California, School of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, who will be presenting his original research, Clear and Present Danger: Availability of Dangerous, Unapproved and Recalled Drugs Online.

Informative panels on counterfeit drugs and the impacts they have on patient safety will include How Have American Patients Been Impacted by Counterfeit Medicines? a panel discussion moderated by Scott Williams, Director of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

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By S. Imber