Maryland Pharmacist Indicted for Selling Non FDA Approved Meds

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on December 11, 2013 the indictment of Salim Yusufov, owner and operator of Healthway Pharmacy in Pikesville, MD.  Yusufov is charged with illegally providing unapproved prescription drugs for customers from Germany and Eastern Europe.  The medication, Corvol, contains large amounts of phenobarbital, and is used to treat elevated blood pressure, but is also a tranquilizer and sedative. The medication, not approved for use in the US, was allegedly sold directly to customers without a prescription.

Yusufov faces a maximum of 3 years in prison for each of 5 counts of receipt and delivery of misbranded drugs and for each of 5 counts of dispensing prescription drugs without a prescription.  

By S. Imber