NADDI Conference

As part of PSM's continuing efforts to publicize the dangers posed by counterfeit medications, two representatives  from PSM spoke at last week's National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators Conference.

On November 20th, 2013, two speakers from the Partnership for Safe Medicines spoke to an audience of 400 drug diversion investigators in Saint Louis Missouri at the 24th annual National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) conference.

First up was Tom Kubic, PSM Board Member and Treasurer, and the President and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, an association of security directors from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Tom Kubic identified many threats to patients from counterfeit and black market drugs. He touched on production and smuggling facilities outside the US, and the efforts of those in the pharmaceutical security and law enforcement community to thwart the victimization of Americans.

Following Mr. Kubic was Shabbir Safdar, director of national outreach for PSM. Mr. Safdar went through the waterfall of incidents where drugs have been exposed to American patients, often after having been purchased by their doctors who obtained them for a discount on the black market, and then charged the patient and the insurance company the full price while pocketing the difference.

You can see Mr. Safdar's full presentation online below: