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Interchange 2013 Highlights: US Attorney Samuel Louis Describes How a Desire For Diamonds Brought a Master Counterfeiter to Justice

U.S.Attorney Samuel Louis speaking at Interchange 2013 We were fortunate enough to have US Attorney Samuel Louis share details from the counterfeit medication cases he has prosecuted at the Interchange 2013. During the course of his presentation, he described how master drug counterfeiter Kevin Xu was finally brought to justice. Kevin Xu was a businessman…


Ohio Oncologist Sentenced to Probation for Importing Non-FDA Approved Cancer Drugs

Dr. David Fishman of Euclid, was one of 7 oncologists prosecuted for purchasing imported cancer medication from websites that claimed to be Canadian. Dr. Fishman and his co-defendant Dr. Hassan Tahsildar had already pleaded guilty to charges related to illegally purchased non-FDA approved cancer medications, according to a report from the News Herald at the…


Senate Passes HR 3240, “Drug Quality and Security Act”

PSM applauds the members of the Senate for passing HR 3204, "Drug Quality and Security Act." The securing of the supply chain through establishing track-and-trace requirements for medicine manufacturers, wholesalers and repackagers will provide Americans with greater security over our prescription drugs.  When the supply chain is breached by someone mistakenly purchasing a substandard drug…


Kentwood Pharmacy: Drugs Fished Out of Garbage and Resold to Patients

At the 2013 Interchange, PSM Board Member Dr. Marvin Shepherdoffered an explanation of how drug diversionsubverts the securesupply chain and endangers patient health. Three pharmacists from the now shuttered Kentwood Pharmacy have been sentenced in Federal court, and stripped of their right to practice as a result of their guilty pleas on charges of reselling…


Dr. David Fishman of Ohio Sentenced to Probation in Misbranded Cancer Drug Case

Dr. David Fishman of Euclid, Ohio has been sentenced to probation for his conviction on chargers he illegally imported non-FDA approved cancer medication. Six other Ohio oncologists have been charged in the case. The doctors were charged with a misdemeanor violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the purchasing of misbranded or counterfeit drugs.…


Interchange 2013 Highlights: Dr. Patrick Lukulay of USP

USP has launched the Center for Pharmaceutical Advancement and Training in Accra, Ghana.Learn more about USP’s efforts to improve the quality of medicines globally at We were most fortunate to have Patrick Lukulay, PhD, Vice President of Global Health Impact Operations for the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) as a panelist at this year’s Interchange.…


Fake Vaccines and Blood Medications Made with Dyed Water in Re-Used Containers

Download Rabies Vaccine Information from CDC. Chinese authorities seize more than $3.28 million in counterfeit drugs and vaccines. Counterfeit rabies vaccine was sold to hospitals in Shandong province since 2009. China Daily reports the arrest of 17 drug counterfeiters who specialized in counterfeits of blood products as well as counterfeit rabies vaccine. Authorities discovered that two…

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