Senate Passes HR 3240, “Drug Quality and Security Act”

PSM applauds the members of the Senate for passing HR 3204, "Drug Quality and Security Act."

The securing of the supply chain through establishing track-and-trace requirements for medicine manufacturers, wholesalers and repackagers will provide Americans with greater security over our prescription drugs.  When the supply chain is breached by someone mistakenly purchasing a substandard drug product, unsuspecting patients end up vulnerable. In the past few years, life-saving medications that treat many diseases including, cancer and heart disease, have been falsified and passed on to American patients.

The Partnership for Safe Medicines is thankful that this legislation has passed the Senate.  We have been educating doctors and other healthcare professionals about the dangers of counterfeit drugs since 2002. We thank Congress for their leadership in securing medication safety for patients.

PSM is a not-for-profit, consumer focused organization that seeks to keep Americans safe from counterfeit drugs through patient and healthcare provider education and awareness. In the US we work with a coalition of over 70 healthcare professional and patient groups to improve patients’ and their healthcare providers’ knowledge about where they obtain their medication, how they can save money safely, and how to safely identify licensed pharmaceutical distributors.

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