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Russian Programmer Responsible for Millions of “Canadian Pharmacy” Spam Emails Lands in Moscow Court

Igor Artimovich utilized a “botnet” program called Festi, to infect computers all over the globe, turning them into automated spamming servers. His arrest and court appearance has exposed Russia’s shadowy underworld linking spam servers, identity theft, and counterfeit drug criminal organizations. The ubiquitous “Canadian pharmacy” advertisements that regularly appear in consumer email inboxes seem innocuous…


Drug Theft = Drug Diversion: Prescription Drugs Stolen from Shipment in Modesto

Click image to download Simple Steps for Safe Sourcing (pdf) This month, prescription medication was stolen from an unattended courier van in Modesto. Why would anyone steal prescription drugs? Because they can be sold on the black market and also used to “salt” batches of counterfeit drugs to fool inspectors. On August 22, a batch…


PSM India Initiative Brings Together Government, Industry and Health Care Stakeholders to Help Stop the Spread of Spurious Medicines

PSM India Initiative Brings Together Government, Industry and Health Care Stakeholders to Help Stop the Spread ofSpurious Medicines Organisation Hosts Second National Training Workshop on “Secured Medicines & Robust Pharmacovigilance MUMBAI (26 August 2013) – The Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) India Initiative, a public health organisation dedicated to protecting consumers from spurious and not-of-standard…


7 Ohio Cancer Specialists Charged with Buying Fake Drugs

Seven oncologists in six different Ohio cities have been charged with illegally importing misbranded, non-FDA approved cancer medication. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is reporting that seven Ohio cancer doctors are facing allegations of importing non-FDA approved cancer medications. The seven were each charged with a misdemeanor, “causing the shipment of misbranded drugs.” The…


7 Ohio Oncologists Charged with Illegally Importing Non-FDA approved Cancer Medication

View larger map Seven Ohio oncologists have been charged with illegally importing non-FDA approved cancer medication. The doctors were charged with a misdemeanor violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the purchasing of misbranded or counterfeit drugs. The accused doctors are: Ranjan Bhandari, Timmappa Bidari, David Fishman, Su-Chiao Kuo, Marwan Massouh, Poornanand Palaparty, and…


Kentucky OBGYN Sentenced to Probation For Purchasing Counterfeit IUDs

View larger map A Kentucky obstetrician/gynecologist, Dr. James Buck, has been sentenced to one year of probation and required to pay over $18,000 in fines after he pled guilty (Download James Buck Plea Agreement) to one misdemeanor count of drug misbranding. Dr. Buck was accused of purchasing unapproved foreign “Mirena” IUDs via a so-called Canadian…


Illegal Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in Virginia that Posed As Canadian Shuttered After Indictment of Owners

11 people have been indicted in an $8.6 million prescription drug importation scheme. Gallant Pharma International allegedly imported non-FDA approved drugs into the United States, then repackaged the drugs with US labels. Gallant Pharma posed as a Canadian pharmaceutical company shipping low-cost drugs from Canada to the U.S. The drugs sold by Gallant Pharma, including…

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