Download and share “Be Heart Smart About Natural Supplements” which explains the dangers that can be posed to your heart by seemingly innocuous “natural” dietary supplements.

A quick visit to the FDA Consumer page devoted to dietary supplements demonstrates only too clearly the dangers posed by these untested and unregulated “natural” treatments. Marketed in all therapeutic categories, from products aimed at athletes that contain deadly DMAA to weight-loss products that contain the outlawed weight-loss treatment silbutramine, natural supplements can pose unseen dangers to your heart health.

Examples of the heart health dangers posed by so-called natural supplements:

  • A closely controlled and dangerous NSAID called diclofenac sodium showed up repeatedly in natural supplements aimed at arthritis sufferers. Diclofenac sodium can cause stroke, and several other life-threatening conditions.
  • Innocuously-named “Purity First” offered for sale vitamins contaminated with steroids. Steroids can trigger stroke, pulmonary embolism, and other dangerous side effects.
  • More than 100 different “herbal” weight-loss remedies containing dangerous & banned silbutramine. Silbutramine was removed from the US market due to the risk of serious heart events posed by the drug.

Protect your heart health and the heart health of your loved ones. Download and share Be Heart Smart About Natural Supplements.

By S. Imber