EDQM collects counterfeit drug cases that have impacted Europe into database termed KNOW-X, in an effort to assist investigators seeking to stem the tide of counterfeit medicines pouring into the European Union.

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM) has just announced their latest effort to combat counterfeit drugs entering the European Union. Dubbed KNOW-X, it is a database of information on closed counterfeit drug cases centered on Europe. Designed for use by regional and International law enforcement, the information database will gather all details on individual counterfeit drug cases, and allow for case comparison across borders. It contains “details on closed cases of counterfeit/falsified medical products, technical information on the testing performed, the authorities involved and what actions were taken.”

The purpose of the database, as explained to In-Pharma Technologist by EDQM spokeswoman Fiona Gildchrist is to provide a tool “for officials working for a competent health, OMCL(Official Medicines Control Laboratories), or law enforcement authority who are directly involved in the investigation and fight against counterfeit or falsified medical products and similar crimes.”

Access to the KNOW-X database is closely controlled, reports the EDQM. Only members of the OMCL, or law enforcement bodies representing European Union member states or party to the MEDICRIME Convention that are investigating counterfeit drug cases will be allowed access.

By S. Imber