At Interchange 2013 we were fortunate enough to have Andy Shuttleworth of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination (IPR) Center speak about their work fighting the dangers of fake online pharmacies. At Interchange 2014 on September 18th, we will present a panel of experts in the field who will discuss the state of the fake online pharmacy business, and what efforts are being made to stop the criminals who run them.

At a recent Global Intellectual Property Summit held by the US Chamber of Commerce, Lev Kubiack, Director of the IPR Center described the problem of counterfeit medication from a law enforcement perspective, saying: “[W]e are never going to be able to arrest or seize our way out of this problem. This doesn’t mean we need to stop prosecuting the perpetrators who distribute and produce fake medicines, but it does mean we need to do more.”

At the 2014 interchange we are pleased to announce the experts who will be addressing the role that online pharmacies play in distributing counterfeit medication. Moderator Special Agent Daniel Burke, Senior Operations Manager in Charge of Cybercrime Investigations for FDA-OCI will be joined in the discussion by Libby Baney Executive Director for the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies and Kenneth "Mac" McCall, head of the Maine Pharmacy Association.

Please join us on September 18th in Washington DC for the 2014 Interchange. Sign up today!

By S. Imber