Maine Board of Pharmacy Asks for AG Investigation of Canadian Online Pharmacy


Board votes unanimously to ask Maine Attorney General to send cease-and-desist letter to a Canadian online pharmacy, and to investigate the charge that they are violating Maine law. CanadaDrugCenter’s activities first came to light when Maine Pharmacy Association President Kenneth McCall filed a complaint against them for selling medication that did not originate in approved “first-tier” countries.

The Maine Board of Pharmacy voted in a unanimous ruling to ask the Maine Attorney General’s Office to investigate a fake online pharmacy that has been marketing to residents of Maine since the passage of Maine’s drug importation law, reports the Portland Press Herald. CanadaDrugCenter marketed their drugs to Maine residents with advertisements in local newspapers, according to a Morning Sentinel story concerning the Maine Pharmacy Association’s complaint against them.

Maine Pharmacy Association President Kenneth “Mac” McCall conducted the initial investigation into CanadaDrugCenter, reports the Portland Press Herald. He first noticed their ads in local newspapers, and when he ordered medication from them, he received pills that were shipped from as far away as Turkey, India, and Mauritius, instead of the so-called “first-tier” countries Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, reports the Morning Sentinel.

According to the Maine Pharmacy Association, CanadaDrugCenter “is not a licensed pharmacy and does not dispense prescriptions to Canadians” and is also listed on the National Boards of Pharmacy “not recommended” list. Jon Bruno, head of the Maine Board of Pharmacy, told the Portland Press Herald, “It was clear they were practicing without a license. We know this is going on everywhere. The (Food and Drug Administration) shut down 1,700 of these operations just last year.”

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By S. Imber