McGruff the Crime Dog Has 7 Tips to Keep You Safe From Counterfeit Drugs


The National Crime Prevention Council has 7 tips for buying prescription drugs online.

1. Never purchase prescription drugs without your doctor's prescription.

2. Be familiar with the mediations you take, including the color, size, shape, taste and side effects.

3. Make sure the package or container the medication comes in has not been altered or the label changed.

4. Only buy prescription medications from a licensed pharmacy.

5. Do not purchase drugs from a foreign website.

6. Use common sense.  A "miracle cure" claim is probably false.

7. Report any website for a pharmacy that you think is illegal or any drug you purchased that you suspect is counterfeit to the FDA's Medwatch program at 800-332-1088.

Download and share the NCPC's "Protecting Yourself from Counterfeit Drugs" handout here.


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By S. Imber