The counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals is a global issue that is expanding each year. The severity of drugs counterfeited has increased from lifestyle drugs to include lifesaving (such as anticancer) types in recent times. The miniaturization of instrumentation has led to out-of-laboratory analysis for product authentication. Raman spectroscopy is ideal for pharmaceutical identifications and has been proven to detect counterfeit drugs. Portable instruments are available with dispersive technology and laser excitation at 785 nm for remote analysis. This study compares a modern portable Raman instrument equipped with a 1064-nm laser with one using a 785-nm laser. It is shown that authentic tablets are distinguished from the counterfeit tablets nondestructively, without the need to remove tablet coating. 

Broad, N. W., C. Dentinger, and J. Pasmore. "Advantages of 1064-nm Portable Raman for Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals Authentication." Spectroscopy (June 2, 2013): 22-31