In addition to charges filed last month alleging FedEx assisted fake online pharmacy businesses, new allegations charge FedEx acted to launder funds for known fake online pharmacies.

The FedEx Corporation was indicted August 15 on additional charges that they participated in a criminal conspiracy to launder money for illegally operating fake online pharmacies, according to a report in Reuters. These charges were added to the initial indictment against FedEx from July that alleges they conspired to facilitate deliveries of contraband narcotics and counterfeit drugs for fake pharmacy websites.

According to Reuters, the new indictment alleges that FedEx maintained an internal list of the hundreds of fake online pharmacies that they provided services for, and linked it directly to their shipping site.

ABC reports that the additional charges allege that on at least 5 different dates, FedEx “delivered controlled substances and prescription drugs from online pharmacies to individuals who subsequently died or accidentally caused the death of others."

ABC also reports that the 3 money-laundering charges allege that the money these known fake online pharmacies used to pay their FedEx bills was illegally acquired.

If convicted, FedEx will face a $1.3 billion fine, according to ABC.

By S. Imber