FDA Asks All Medical Professionals to “Know Your Source” to Protect Patients from Fake Drugs

Know Your source LogoThe FDA has a new flyer campaign that asks doctors, medical office managers, and others responsible for medication purchasing to ensure that they only buy FDA-approved medication. Only state-licensed wholesale distributors of medication can guarantee the safety of medication prescribed to patients.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking all medical professionals to verify the authenticity of medication they purchase to treat patients. Their new campaign, “Know Your Source: Protecting Patients from Unsafe Drugs” is aimed at educating doctors, medical office managers, and other medical professionals responsible for wholesale purchases about the dangers of purchasing medication from “rogue” medication wholesalers.

Each flyer, designed to be displayed in doctors’ offices, is aimed at different ways of securing the drug supply chain from exploitation by unscrupulous vendors.

Beware of Offers warns that too-good-to-be-true sales offers are just that. Deep discounts and aggressive marketing are all-too-clear indicators that you are dealing with a dishonest vendor.

75 off FDA


Caution! points out the telltale indicators that medication may be fake. From non-English labeling to unusual packaging, it offers the visual signs that the drugs you have purchased may be fake.

Know Your Source FDA


Ensure You Receive is aimed at directing medical professionals to only do business with wholesale distributors licensed in their state.

Ensure you receive FDA


Pay Close Attention is a call for all medical professionals to look out for patient feedback that indicates new side effects or lack of therapeutic effect. 

Pay Attention FDA


With these simple steps, doctors can protect the integrity of their medical practice, and safeguard their patients’ well being.


By S. Imber