Interchange 2014: Bejon Misra, Partnership for Safe Medicines India


The head of Partnership for Safe Medicines India shared with the conference what PSM India has done, and what its goals are.

Bejon Misra, head of PSM India, took a few minutes to tell conference-goers about his organization. He pointed out that he was “here on behalf of 1.2 billion consumers, and more than 10,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers.” The goal of PSM India is to protect consumers from “spurious medicine.”

PSM India has been working closely with the Modi government in India to protect the Indian drug supply chain. Mr. Misra noted however that health is administered at the state level in India, and there are 36 distinct health administrations that must be brought into the PSM India fold. Thus far PSM India and Mr. Misra have had success with 8 health administrations, and hope to have all 36 health administrations involved with their goals within the next 2 years.

Mr. Misra then posed the question: “How do you make sure that the consumer is empowered, that the generics as well as the branded (medications) need to be safe and of high quality?”

To find out more about the goals of PSM India, please watch Bejon Misra’s speech in it’s entirety below.


Mr. Misra’s slide presentation:

By S. Imber