Interchange 2014: Madame Gu and PSM China

Madame Gu 2

Interchange 2014 was fortunate enough to have Madame LiHong Gu, director of the Partnership for Safe Medicines China join us and share her work.

Madame Gu began her brief description of PSM China by pointing out that “China is another large country with 1.3 billion people. They all need safe medicines.”

She told the conference that PSM China was originally founded in November 2012, and that their efforts have been growing. In 2013, PSM China focused on the education of women and children. In 2014, PSM China sent a delegation to PSM India to learn from their organization. In February 2014, PSM China launched their website, and focused their education efforts on chronic diseases in the elderly.

Madame Gu then invited all conference attendees to visit the new PSM China website:

To learn more about PSM China’s accomplishments and future plans, please watch Madame Gu’s presentation in full below.


Madame Gu’s slide presentation:

By S. Imber