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Death in LA County Highlights the Dangers of Counterfeit Medication

A County officials warn public about the toxic threat that fake medications pose, and share a tragic story about a woman whose efforts to save money by using non-FDA approved treatments led to her death. An NBC News story shares the details of a counterfeit medication death in Los Angeles County. Esmeralda Mendez described for…


Pakistani Head of Counterfeit Drug Importer Extradited and Indicted in U.S. Court

Junaid Qadir of Karachi, Pakistan, was originally indicted in 2012. A superseding indictment was obtained June 25, 2015. He was arrested last spring after he traveled from Pakistan to Germany. Qadir fought extradition, but lost and appeared in federal court on Jan. 25, 2016. Qadir and his brother, Shehzad, who is not in custody, are…